Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paradizoo Theme Farm Take 2!

After nearly a year, about three Saturdays ago, I was invited to revisit Paradizoo Theme Farm, together with six blogger friendsto witness once more their Power of Three event    last January 21, 2012. 

Upon our arrival, similar to our first visit, they served us this bizarre "lugaw" (porridge with no rice just the "laman-loob" only) -- a specialty from *I forgot the specific place* in Batangas province. Plus "puto" (kind of rice cake) and a cup of tea made of "tanglad" or lemongrass

Lugaw in Batangas

Then we proceed to the ribbon cutting ceremony after a short snack break. 
Local Officials of Batangas together with Paradizoo Team
A N D . . .

These are called greyhounds, another breed of dog. I knew what they are called (their breed) but when I saw them coming towards me, I freaked a bit and my tongue seemed to just shrink. ***SCREAMS!!!*** Somebody's dog bit me last year, that's why. Do you think, what I feel is normal? Am I normal? (>_<) Anyhoo . . . 

On our/my initial visit at the theme farm, my attention was drawn to animals that lived on land, so I appreciate the flying ones that fun day more than ever. We've also seen butterflies busy with their 'sexual activity.' Look under and see what it looks like -- 

Did you know that butterfly mating lasts for 48 hours?
Butterfly - Mating
Now you know!

Almost 15 to 30 minutes when I convinced myself not to be afraid of these cuties. (Ps: Bukod sa maarte ako, haha, I also fear flying animals, especially insects. It's fine when I see them crawling, but when they fly close to me? Man, it's a different story! haha) I wish to feed them in my palm but their nails are too pointed. But if you can bear a little pain #uptoyou 

Bird Feeding

Bird Feeding

Continuing our journey . . .  we saw flowers of different kinds like the photo below (epic fail, mian haeyo!)

and fresh veggies for sale . . .
Fresh Veggie
(featuring my blogger friend/ model, Nicely)

There's the P A R A D I Z O O letters (stand for the name of the theme farm) but I forgot to take a picture of it. . . (Gaah! I really have to update my own memory card.) Anyway, there's also a fish spa (sadly, we did not experience it), since it's not open to public yet. There's always a next time, so it doesn't matter. LoL 

Kidding aside, before we finally said our goodbyes to Paradizoo Theme Farm, we had our group photo taken, and by all means, Salamat sa tripod ni Alex! haha 

Thank you Zoomanity Group and blogger friends ^_^ Good times yow!


  1. Tsk! Talagang may "featuring"? Na-shy naman ako bigla... Buti ka pa may post na. Balik tayo ulit dyan!

  2. I wish i could have a tour in PARADIZOO

  3. Sana makapunta kami dyan ng mga kids , pero hindi ko kasi alam way dyan e ..