Friday, February 10, 2012

Double the fun at Residence Inn Tagaytay!

Owing to its far-reaching knowledge and the super intense adventure it brings, which is why many of us Filipinos are inclined to outdoor activities now a days.  And one of the most popular today is the zipline.

This type of recreation is gradually escalating to a higher areas such as Tagaytay in Cavite. 

So, I did not hesitate to give it a shot, again, when we went there last January 21, after our jaunt to Paradizoo Theme Farm. --

After the  200 meters long Zooperman zipline (full body harness)you'll have to ride the cable car for you to enjoy the view of the famous home-grown "Taal Lake" and its adjacent spots and sniff the fragrance of fresh air.
Looks like I'm nervous and terrified in this picture e? But that's how my friends would described it. Actually just saved my *deafening noise for the cable car. HAHA! Peace cablemates! :-p 

Hopefully I can hold a camera in my next zipline adventure so I can take a photo of myself.

Bloggers L-R: Sir Ferds, Nicely, Me and Rod --- Salamat sa pictures ALEX!

But before this nature-loving ride, Residence Inn presented a skeet for us guests. They asked for three volunteers to interact with three of their *amazing surprise*. Tignan mo dali! :-D

The volunteers 
The other guests were also given the opportunity to have pictures with the scorpion, gigantic snake, and the iguana after the show. So nice ^_^

... and the best actress for a pretending role goes to haha!

Ay. . .  one more thing!

At the end of our Paradizoo trip, as a remembrance for bloggers, the Zoomanity group gave us a seedling called Ashitaba or Tomorrow Leaf, which was discovered at Hachijo Island in Japan. 
  • Once you pick up today, tomorrow you will see it start to grow a new life. An 80 year old Japanese medical doctor who was suffering in his last stage of lung cancer found this plant during his trip to Hachijo Island. He ate the leaves and noticed that his health greatly improved and his cancer was ultimately cured.
Tomorrow leaf is considered effective in treating the following disorders: Lung / cough / asthma / digestive system / intestine / kidney / kidney stones / urinary track bleeding / liver / gall bladder / hepatitis / gall bladder stones / help suppress growth of cancer cells / hemmoroids / constipation / diarrhea / vomiting / blood poisoning / septicemia / fertility problems / more balanced blood cells / help in recovery of bone inquiries / external wounds / skin allergy / rheumatism / high cholesterol levels / high-low blood pressure / diabetes.

Ang siste, mama thought that it was a 'sago drink', so she put it in ref before she goes to bed.  PHEW! (>_<) She has a poor eyesight because of her cataract. That's why. 

Anywoot, that's the end of our whole day stroll. Until my next travel, annyeong!


  1. i really thought it was real... the colored snake shot. :)

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