Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines. Now Trending.

"It is likable." 

I immediately said that when I first saw the latest logo (to the left, to the left) --- promoting the Philippine Tourism. 

The connection is probably justifiable, I think, especially when I read an article online, which affirms that it is indeed inspired by the Philippine mat or "banig." While the color of the map (I guess) represents the current administration(?)

The chromatic logo perhaps matches (presently) with the reform of our country and culture, but honestly speaking, it is not the "only one of its kind." #justsaying #nooffense 

However, regarding the slogan, uhm. . . Happy NEW YEAR!!! Halika Biyahe Tayo! It's more fun in the Philippines! w^_^w (Kaway)

(Photos from It's more fun in the Philippines Facebook -- Like them!)


  1. Byahe na! It's More Fun In The Philippines! Happy New Year! Cheers!!!

    1. Pinoy Adventurista - Manigong Bagong Taon! Kampay!

  2. It's definitely more fun in the Philippines! Wonderful!

  3. I am not a stranger in my homeland. I am proud to be Pinoy because it's really more fun in the Philippines! :D